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1st EP『Ondeathin』






高校時代には、Hi-STANDARDを筆頭に日本のメロコアを聴き漁り、カバーバンドで演奏を行う。その後、ニュースクールのポップパンクやスクリーモに影響を受け、バンド活動を行い、同時に作曲を始める。元NICOTINEのドラムが所属するメロコアバンド『THE FIRE』のヴォーカルとしても活動中。モデルとしての活動もしており、Ken YokoyamaのMVにも2本出演。自分だけの表現・活動がしたいと思い、6年ほど前より『環境音楽』(本人曰く)をスタート。※高校の時より、現在もスケーターとして修行の日々。

His entrance into music was in junior high school.

After listening to GreenDay, RANCID, NOFX, etc., he encountered punk rock and started playing the guitar.

In high school, he listened to Japanese melo-core, especially Hi-STANDARD, and played in cover bands.

Later, influenced by new school pop punk and screamo, he started playing in bands and composing music at the same time.

Also active as a vocalist in the melo-core band "THE FIRE", to which the former drummer of NICOTINE belongs.

He is also active as a model and has appeared in two music videos by Ken Yokoyama.

He started "environmental music" (as he calls it) about 6 years ago because he wanted to have his own expression and activities.

He has been training as a skater since he was in high school.

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