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DJ H.A.L&ZAI_Junglist in tokyo.jpg

DJ H.A.L & ZAI  



「Junglist in Tokyo」



Hustlin Beats、Stickybass Records、original key records等からのリリースでも知られるDJ H.A.Lと

BAKUのDJ, LIVESETや日本ドラムン界で長期に渡り活躍する唯一無二のMC、ZAIによるフロアアンセムが完成。

UKの名門 Liquid Vからのリリースや世界各国からのリリースも控えているトラックメーカー



DJ H.A.L, known for his releases on Hustlin Beats, Stickybass Records, original key records, etc., and ZAI, the one and only MC who has been active for a long time in BAKU's DJ, LIVESET, and the Japanese Drum&Bass scene, have created a floor anthem.

The two tracks, which also include a remix by Velocity, a track maker who is about to release 

on the UK's prestigious Liquid V recordings and other releases from around the world, are now available.

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